Does Your Loud Air Conditioner Have a Problem?

You wouldn’t want to go without your air conditioner in the peak of a Philadelphia-area summer, but when it’s noisy, you may decide it’s better to sweat than to put up with all that racket. However, you shouldn’t ignore the noise – your loud air conditioner may be trying to tell you it’s close to breaking down.

What Is Your Air Conditioner Saying?

When your air conditioner is being noisy, pay attention to the sound you’re hearing and note those details so you can report them to your HVAC tech when you call for service.

Shaking and Rattling

Parts of your air conditioner that experience a lot of movement can shake their way loose and start to make rattling sounds. Motors, screws and ducts are among the most common culprits.


A refrigerant leak could be causing you to hear a hissing sound. If that’s the case, you may also notice your system is running more often and not cooling as well as it used to. Call in an HVAC professional to have your coils, lines and refrigerant charge checked for possible leaks.

Whining and Whistling

Whistling noises aren’t merely annoying, but could also be a warning of airflow problems, duct damage, clogged filters or restricted flow.

Squeaking or Screeching

If you’re hearing high-pitched noises coming from your air conditioner, have an HVAC professional inspect your compressor and fan motors. These types of air conditioner noises can result from slipped, damaged blower belts or unlubricated bearings.


Many times, buzzing signifies an electrical problem. If you are also hearing a clicking sound, it could mean your relays are failing. To fix this type of air conditioner noise problem, call a trained tech.


Rattling or humming can be a warning of a fan problem like dirty blades. Other issues that could cause this air conditioner sound include bent or shifted fan blades or issues inside the fan motor. If you’re hearing a humming noise, be sure to examine your outside condenser unit as well. Often, twigs and dead leaves can get stuck in the fan, so make sure to keep the surrounding area free of dirt and debris.

Don’t Let a Noisy A/C Unit Disrupt Your Life

Your loud A/C system isn’t just inconvenient and annoying. A system that isn’t working at its peak is a waste of money, and you could be tempting fate by ignoring what these noises are trying to tell you. If you’re ready to achieve greater peace, quiet and comfort, call Nu-Temp Heating and Cooling for your free estimate today.

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